Last April, I was enjoying a very typical Sunday. A few of my friends came over to watch the afternoon baseball games, eat some pizza, and cap it all off with a little Sunday night TV. It's a routine many people are familiar with, and since HBO, AMC, and Showtime have been consistently pumping out excellent programming for several years now, it's a routine that has become both comfortable and reliable. But that all changed last April.

As Eastbound & Down came to a close, HBO's program interlude announced there would be a series premier of a new show starting in just a few minutes. We made the executive decision to give the new show a test run and the rest as they say is history. That's because every Sunday which followed that fateful night, our small man-tribe reconvened to sit and watch GIRLS together.

Now I know what you want to ask...why would a group of self-proclaimed straight guys cram onto a couch with each other and watch this show? Well, it's not a question that will be answered here. It just happened and it's going to keep on happening as long as the show is running.

Since day one, we've watched this show and been equal parts entertained, horrified, confused, and empowered. Entertained because, frankly, the show is well-written and cleverly conceived; horrified because the character arcs resemble the social tendencies of our friends a bit too closely; confused because for a group of 25 year old males, there is nothing as perplexing as a bunch of 25 year old females; empowered because our earliest convictions on the grade school playgrounds about girls being icky, cootie-infested lunatics appeared to be holding water. 

My name is Matt, and for better or worse this is my blog. Many of the posts will be my own but I'll be receiving help all season long from my room mates and friends who watch the show by my side. Their names, unlike mine, will be protected with aliases to ensure that their friendships, relationships, and employment status remain intact as long as the blog is running. We hope you enjoy our comments, questions, and ruminations on all things GIRLS. 

I'm sorry. 

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